UCS-101 21" Grill with Post and Cross Arm

The backbone of the system is a heavy-duty adjustable grill cross arm that slides onto a steel post which is driven into the ground. The cross arm allows for easy horizontal and vertical adjustment over a campfire and can be spun away for access to the food and for temperature control. On the end of the grill is a positioning hub onto which can be placed either the grill or any number of specially designed heavy-duty spun aluminum pots. The "Unique" system locks the grill and pots onto the arm preventing spills. There are no screws to lose which is another "Unique" feature. The cross arm is constructed of 3/4" steel rod and 1 1/4" x 1/4" steel bar and is 39" long. The post is 3/4" steel 39" long. Both parts are coated with powdered black paint. The grill is constructed of 1/8" welded stainless steel rod. Weight for the basic system is 14 lbs.

UCS-103 Cutting Board
provides a handy work surface at a height that won't kill your back. Use it to chop ingredients and to hold spices and utensils. Made from 3/4" oak the board measures 10" x 14" and is mounted on a 1/8" steel plate. The cutting board mounts on top of the steel post and can be rotated to any desired position. Weight is 7 lbs.

UCS-105 12 Quart Dutch Oven with Lid
NEW STYLE and Larger Size! Cast Aluminum construction with handles and matching lid included. Great for stews, spaghetti, baking a 12" pizza or a batch of cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Send us a pic of your favorite new use for this great new option for the Unique Cooking System. 14" in diameter and 7 pounds.
UCS-107 Griddle
Ideal for preparing pancakes, bacon and eggs or any fried food. Weight is 4 lbs. Made of 1/8" spun aluminum, this griddle is 17 1/4" in diameter and 1/8" deep.
UCS-109 7 Quart Pot with Lid
Just the right size to cook soups, vegetables or desserts. Made of 1/8" spun aluminum this pot is 12 1/2" in diameter and 4" deep. Weight is 4 lbs.
UCS-111 Storage Tube
Designed to hold the steel post and cross arm. Constructed of 2" diameter PVC tube with locking cap this item is virtually indestructible. Weight is 4 lbs.
UCS-112 Vinyl Storage Case - NEW & IMPROVED
Constructed of vinyl with canvas reinforcement and heavy duty stitching. The case has a Velcro closure and convenient carrying handle. The case measures 24" x 24" and will hold the grill top, cutting board, griddle and adapter. Use two to carry the entire system. Weight is 1 lb. Stores grill top, griddle and now holds storage tube all together.

UCS-113 Pot Storage Bag - NEW PRODUCT
Holds both pots (part UCS-105 and UCS-109). Conveniently clips to our UCS-112 storage bag for all-in-one carrying.(As seen in picture)

  UCS-115 Post and Cross Arm Only
Customers have asked to purchase this item so they can set up a cooking center to use the grill and other Unique Cooking System™ pots simultaneously over a campfire.

UCS-116 Grill Top Only
As a replacement or an extra.
  UCS-117 Display Stand
Made of 1/4" steel plate 18" square with a center support tube. Used to display our products in a convenient setting.

UCS-119 Adapter Kit
Contains 2 zinc plated steel adapters. These combine forming a watertight compartment. A great place to store large stick matches. The knurled surface provides a good striking surface. One adapter is used to pound the post into the ground preventing mushrooming of the top. The other is placed on top of the post to allow any of the Unique Cooking System™ pots to be used as a work area.

UCS-120 Trivet
Made of Black Powder Coated steel wire, the trivet is used to serve food directly from our pots while preventing tipping and soiling the table. Also doubles as a nice plant holder.

UCS-108 Aluminum Percolator Coffee Pot
Makes 20 cups of coffee. Our test yielded a plentiful 96 ounces, or about 8 standard 12 ounce mugs. Place the coffee pot on the grill top to heat water or hang it from a fully-extended cross arm.

UCS-100 Grill Mitts - NEW PRODUCT